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Cosmetic Dentistry in Jackson Heights, NY

Jackson Heights Cosmetic Dentistry American writer Max Eastman once said, “A smile is the universal welcome.” Indeed, even when we’re just walking down the street we may notice strangers smiling at us. In fact, not only does smiling make you appear more approachable and attractive, but it also offers an array of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and releasing endorphins. However, if your smile isn’t the best it could be, you might find yourself offering up only a close-lipped equivalent. If this sounds like you, then it’s high time you consider getting cosmetic dentistry from Queens Professional Dental Care, PC.

Whether someone’s looking for a whiter smile or a complete dental makeover, Queens Professional Dental Care, PC has a variety of treatment options to cater to anyone’s needs. We offer our patients every cosmetic procedure they could possibly imagine. If you want to fix crooked or chipped teeth, replace a missing tooth, get a brighter smile, or hide a broken tooth, we can do this and more when you visit our office.

Check Out Teeth Whitening

Blame magazines and red carpet coverage, but teeth whitening has become a popular trend over the last decade. However, it can be challenging to achieve the perfect shade with just over-the-counter treatments. If you want to be able to showcase your pearly whites but aren’t getting the results you want at home, Our Jackson Heights dentist's teeth whitening system will have you turning heads.

The process only takes an hour and the results are immediate. The system is so powerful that it can get smiles up to ten shades brighter. This has especially been a popular treatment for brides looking to get a beautiful smile right before the big day.

Consider Lumineers

Looking to make a few adjustments to your smile but don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle? Consider Lumineers. Lumineers are similar to porcelain veneers, but are thought to be stronger and thinner, and they are completely reversible. Lumineers are a wonderful option for those who want to cover up gaps between teeth, teeth that are too small or teeth that lean inward. These thin porcelain shells require no tooth preparation like drilling or shaving down enamel before they are placed on the tooth. Plus the procedure can be reversed if the patient isn’t satisfied.

Restore Damaged Teeth with Crowns

Stop ignoring your chipped, cracked or broken tooth. Queens Professional Dental Care, PC offers several options for easily restoring your smile. Of course, dental veneers can cover small chips and cracks quite easily, but for more severe cases we may recommend dental crowns. Dental crowns are porcelain caps that are made to mimic the appearance of a real tooth. We first shave down any cracks or decay that could further affect the tooth, and then we restore the tooth’s function and appearance by placing a crown over the top. What you’re left with is a brand new smile.

If it’s high time you considered cosmetic dentistry, contact Queens Professional Dental Care, PC today for a free consultation. Call our Jackson Heights, NY office at (718) 898-8080 today!