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April 18, 2019
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How dental implants from your dentists in Jackson Heights, NY, can give you back your smile

Many people don’t know that dental implants are just like having natural teeth. It’s true. In fact, dental implants are one of the most popularDental-Implant tooth replacement options available. Dr. Hassan Alamzad and Dr. Rihito Matsui at Queens Professional Dental Care in Jackson Heights, NY, offer dental implants to restore your smile.

You need a whole, complete smile for many reasons. A complete smile gives you full chewing ability, which aids your digestion and helps your overall health. A complete smile is also attractive, restoring your self-esteem and self-confidence.

You could choose a number of tooth replacement methods including dental bridgework, removable partials, or dentures, but all of these options have drawbacks:

  • Dental bridgework requires that your Jackson Heights, NY, dentist places crowns on the teeth next to the space. These crowned teeth form the attachment for the bridge. Dental bridgework just isn’t very conservative.
  • Removable partials and dentures don’t always fit well, and can move around when you are eating or speaking. Dentures and partials just aren’t very natural looking.

Fortunately, there is a much better choice, dental implants! Just consider some of the reasons why dental implants are the best option to restore your smile:

  • They don’t move around, because they are firmly embedded in bone
  • They are natural-looking, because the dental implant crown material looks just like tooth enamel
  • They stay beautiful, because dental implants resist staining, and they will never decay
  • They are easy to maintain, because you brush and floss dental implants just like natural teeth
  • They are successful, because they have a success rate of over 95%, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • They are conservative, because only the implant area is treated, not the adjacent teeth

You deserve to find out for yourself why dental implants are the best choice to restore your smile. Dental implants can help you achieve the smile you’ve been waiting for. To find out more about what dental implant treatment can do for you, just call (718) 898-8080 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alamzad and Dr. Matsui at Queens Professional Dental Care in Jackson Heights, NY!