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By Queens Professional Dental Care, PC
July 24, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Did you know that fillings have limited life spans? Although your filling may last many years, eventually wear and tear and other issues mayfillings affect it. Our Jackson Heights, NY, family dentists, Dr. Hassan Alamzad and Dr. Rihito Matsui, share a few signs that may mean that you need to replace fillings.

Your tooth doesn't feel the same

Fillings are designed to be tough, but years of biting and chewing take a toll. If you notice a change in a tooth, your filling may have worn down or part of it may have broken off. If either of these things happen you may also notice that food tends to get stuck in your tooth. Fillings may wear out quicker if you grind or clench your teeth at night. If you're a grinder or clencher, ask about a night guard the next time you visit our Jackson Heights office. Nightguards are worn over your bottom teeth while you sleep and absorb the strong forces generated by grinding and clenching.

You see a crack in your filling

Wear and tear or grinding or clenching can crack fillings. If you notice a crack, call us and schedule an appointment. Cracks allow bacteria to enter your tooth and cause tooth decay.

Your tooth hurts

Pain in a filled tooth should never be ignored. If there's a problem with a filling, you may notice a toothache or might develop a sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures or sugary foods and drinks.

You noticed a mysterious lump on your toothbrush

Have you noticed strange little lumps on your toothbrush? If your filling begins to crumble, you may lose pieces of it when you brush your teeth or eat.

A new filling can solve the problem

Replacing worn or cracked fillings can end pain and other symptoms, although you may need a larger filling if decay has developed under the current filling. A root canal may be needed if decay is severe and affects the tooth pulp.

If your filling is very old, a silver amalgam filling may have been the only choice when your tooth was treated. Today, composite resin filling offer another option. The tooth-colored fillings are completely unnoticeable and bond to the sides of your tooth. No matter what type of filling you choose, replacing your worn or damaged filling will help you keep your smile healthy.

Are you concerned about a problem with a filling? Call our Jackson Heights, NY, family dentists, Dr. Alamzad and Dr. Matsui, at (718) 898-8080 to schedule an appointment.