Don't Settle for a Gapped Smile

Don't Settle for a Gapped Smile

Tooth loss doesn't have to permanently change your appearance. Dr. Hassam Alamzad and Dr. Rihito Matsui, your Jackson Heights, NY,dental implants dentists, explain how dental implants can restore your smile.

The only total tooth replacement option in Jackson Heights

For many years, bridges and full and partial dentures offered the only way to replace missing teeth. Today, dental implants offer a more comfortable, long-lasting option. Tiny screw-like implants replace the roots of teeth. They're made of titanium, a lightweight metal that's ideal for implants because it fuses to the bone. It usually takes between three to six months for an implant to bond to your jawbone, but once it does, it's just as strong and stable as your natural tooth roots.

Although the implant is the most important part of your new tooth, it remains unseen under your gums. Once bonding is complete, your dentist attaches an artificial tooth called a crown to the implant, which replaces the part of the tooth that extends above the gums.

An excellent alternative

No matter what your age, dental implants offer a simple way to replace your entire tooth. You're a suitable candidate if your general and oral health is good and you have good bone depth in your jaw. If your jawbone is a little shallow, your dentist can add bone grafts that will deepen the bone and allow the implant process to proceed.

Dental implants are the ideal solution if you want to close a gap in your smile. They not only restore your self-confidence, but also make it easier to eat and speak clearly. Full and partial denture wearers can benefit from implants too. If you've lost multiple teeth, you won't need an implant for each missing tooth. For example, an entire denture can be supported by just four to six implants.

An easy care option

Since your implant becomes a permanent part of your mouth, you'll brush and floss your crown just as you do your natural teeth. Keeping the area around the base of the crown is very important and prevents a serious infection that can loosen implants. As long as you brush and floss daily, you can expect your implant, and your smile, to remain strong and healthy.

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