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By Queens Professional Dental Care, PC
July 08, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you are dealing with tooth loss, find out what dental implants could offer you.

Looking to get a little information about dental implants? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Traditionally, dental bridges and dentures were used to replace missing teeth, but thanks to continuing advancements in dental technology, our Jackson Heights, NY, cosmetic dentists Dr. Hassan Alamzad and Dr. Haeyoon Yang also offer dental implants to help restore tooth loss in otherwise healthy adults. Here’s what makes dental implants a unique and advantageous way to replace missing teeth,

  • They are made from a strong, durable material (e.g. titanium), so they are designed to last decades. This means you could have this artificial tooth for the rest of your life.
  • They are easy to care for and don’t require special treatment. Just make sure you are maintaining good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing your teeth daily) and visiting your general dentist at his Jackson Heights, NY, practice twice a year for checkups.
  • They can’t develop cavities because they are made from artificial material.
  • They preserve the jawbone and prevent it from deteriorating (implants are artificial tooth roots, which stimulate the jawbone in the same way as real tooth roots).
  • They support the muscles of the face and prevent sunken cheeks, sagging skin and other changes that can occur if missing teeth aren’t replaced.
  • They fuse together with the jawbone and tissue, which also means that they will stay firmly in place.
  • The implant is a permanent structure within the jawbone, so you never have to worry about removing them at night. They always stay put.
  • They fill gaps in your smile and prevent the rest of your natural teeth from drifting into these open spaces, which can cause crowding and larger gaps between teeth.
  • They fully restore chewing strength and speech, eliminating lisps and other speech impediments that may have developed as a result of missing teeth.

If dental implants sound like the restoration you’ve been looking for to restore your smile and improve your appearance then the next step is to turn to our general dentists here in Jackson Heights, NY, to find out if implants are right for you. To schedule a consultation, call Queens Professional Dental Care at (718) 898-8080.

By Queens Professional Dental Care, PC
November 18, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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How dental implants from your dentist in Jackson Heights, NY, can give you a new smile

Losing teeth is easier than you think—dental decay, trauma, and periodontal disease are just some of the reasons that you could end up dealing with tooth loss. Fortunately, dental implant treatment can give you back a smile that is both fully-functional and aesthetically beautiful. Read on to learn how Dr. Hassan M. Alamzad of Queens Professional Dental Care in Jackson Heights, NY, can use implants to help treat your tooth loss.

More about Dental Implants

If you are thinking of living with an incomplete smile, don’t do it! Failing to have a full set of teeth can result in losing the ability to chew the foods you love, thus impacting your digestion and your health in general. Dental implants can restore your full chewing ability, helping you enjoy the foods you love once again.

Living without a full set of teeth can also impact your self-confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, dental implants can restore your beautiful smile, your greatest asset.

When you choose dental implants to rebuild your smile, you will enjoy:

  • Natural beauty, because the dental implant crown is made of materials that closely resemble tooth structure, and reflect light.
  • Complete stability, because dental implants are firmly embedded and surrounded by bone, meaning they will never move around.
  • Convenience, because you never remove dental implants; they are a permanent part of your smile.
  • Great oral health, because you brush and floss dental implants just like natural teeth.

Dental implants are the most successful surgical implant, with a success rate of over 95 percent, according to the American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Need Dental Work? Give Us a Call

If you are missing teeth, consider choosing to rebuild your smile with dental implants. To learn more about the benefits of dental implants and the implant process, call Dr. Hassan M. Alamzad of Queens Professional Dental Care in Jackson Heights, NY, today by dialing (718) 898-8080.

By Queens Professional Dental Care, PC
April 18, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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How dental implants from your dentists in Jackson Heights, NY, can give you back your smile

Many people don’t know that dental implants are just like having natural teeth. It’s true. In fact, dental implants are one of the most popularDental-Implant tooth replacement options available. Dr. Hassan Alamzad and Dr. Rihito Matsui at Queens Professional Dental Care in Jackson Heights, NY, offer dental implants to restore your smile.

You need a whole, complete smile for many reasons. A complete smile gives you full chewing ability, which aids your digestion and helps your overall health. A complete smile is also attractive, restoring your self-esteem and self-confidence.

You could choose a number of tooth replacement methods including dental bridgework, removable partials, or dentures, but all of these options have drawbacks:

  • Dental bridgework requires that your Jackson Heights, NY, dentist places crowns on the teeth next to the space. These crowned teeth form the attachment for the bridge. Dental bridgework just isn’t very conservative.
  • Removable partials and dentures don’t always fit well, and can move around when you are eating or speaking. Dentures and partials just aren’t very natural looking.

Fortunately, there is a much better choice, dental implants! Just consider some of the reasons why dental implants are the best option to restore your smile:

  • They don’t move around, because they are firmly embedded in bone
  • They are natural-looking, because the dental implant crown material looks just like tooth enamel
  • They stay beautiful, because dental implants resist staining, and they will never decay
  • They are easy to maintain, because you brush and floss dental implants just like natural teeth
  • They are successful, because they have a success rate of over 95%, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • They are conservative, because only the implant area is treated, not the adjacent teeth

You deserve to find out for yourself why dental implants are the best choice to restore your smile. Dental implants can help you achieve the smile you’ve been waiting for. To find out more about what dental implant treatment can do for you, just call (718) 898-8080 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alamzad and Dr. Matsui at Queens Professional Dental Care in Jackson Heights, NY!

By Queens Professional Dental Care, PC
April 05, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Have you been wondering if dental implants are a good option to restore your missing teeth? Our Jackson Heights, NY, dentists, Dr. dental implantsHassan Alamzad and Dr. Rihito Matsui, explain how implants can improve your smile.

Dental implants rebuild the entire tooth

Dental implants provide an excellent solution to tooth loss, no matter how large the gap in your smile. Titanium implants bond to your jawbone, becoming a permanent part of your jaw. Although root replacement is the most crucial part of the implant process, a root alone won't help you chew or fill the gap in your smile.

Implants are topped with dental crowns, porcelain or ceramic restorations that look exactly like natural teeth. Crowns are firmly attached to implants with abutments, small screws that hold the crowns in place. Because your new tooth is securely anchored to your jaw and performs as a single unit, you'll never experience gum irritation or slipping, even when you bite into hard foods.

Implants offer valuable benefits

Are you still not sure if dental implants are the best choice for you? Consider these benefits:

  • Lower Costs: Dentures and bridges must be replaced every 10 to 15 years, while your implants will probably never have to be replaced if you care for them properly. (You will need to replace the crown attached to the implant periodically.) If you compare lifetime costs, you may just discover that dental implants offer the least expensive solution.
  • No Resorption: Without stimulation from tooth roots, jaw resorption, or shrinkage, can become a serious problem. Resorption weakens your jawbone and may lead to facial sagging and the loss of additional teeth. Dental implants press on your jawbone, providing constant stimulation needed to prevent resorption.
  • Versatility: No other restoration method can replace an unlimited number of teeth. Dental implants, a good option if you've lost one tooth, become an even better choice if you've lost all of your teeth. Removable implant-supported dentures can be attached using as few as two implants, while fixed dentures only require four implants per arch.
  • Better Biting: Loss of biting power is a common complaint among Jackson Heights residents who wear removable dentures. Because the dentures only rest against your gums, it's impossible to chew a raw carrot or even enjoy an ear of corn on the cob. Dental implants don't decrease your biting power. In fact, you can eat anything you want, thanks to your implants.

Restore your smile with dental implants! Call our Jackson Heights, NY, dentists, Dr. Alamzad and Dr. Matsui, at (718) 898-8080 to schedule your appointment.

By Queens Professional Dental Care, PC
January 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Tooth loss doesn't have to permanently change your appearance. Dr. Hassam Alamzad and Dr. Rihito Matsui, your Jackson Heights, NY,dental implants dentists, explain how dental implants can restore your smile.

The only total tooth replacement option in Jackson Heights

For many years, bridges and full and partial dentures offered the only way to replace missing teeth. Today, dental implants offer a more comfortable, long-lasting option. Tiny screw-like implants replace the roots of teeth. They're made of titanium, a lightweight metal that's ideal for implants because it fuses to the bone. It usually takes between three to six months for an implant to bond to your jawbone, but once it does, it's just as strong and stable as your natural tooth roots.

Although the implant is the most important part of your new tooth, it remains unseen under your gums. Once bonding is complete, your dentist attaches an artificial tooth called a crown to the implant, which replaces the part of the tooth that extends above the gums.

An excellent alternative

No matter what your age, dental implants offer a simple way to replace your entire tooth. You're a suitable candidate if your general and oral health is good and you have good bone depth in your jaw. If your jawbone is a little shallow, your dentist can add bone grafts that will deepen the bone and allow the implant process to proceed.

Dental implants are the ideal solution if you want to close a gap in your smile. They not only restore your self-confidence, but also make it easier to eat and speak clearly. Full and partial denture wearers can benefit from implants too. If you've lost multiple teeth, you won't need an implant for each missing tooth. For example, an entire denture can be supported by just four to six implants.

An easy care option

Since your implant becomes a permanent part of your mouth, you'll brush and floss your crown just as you do your natural teeth. Keeping the area around the base of the crown is very important and prevents a serious infection that can loosen implants. As long as you brush and floss daily, you can expect your implant, and your smile, to remain strong and healthy.

Are you ready to learn more about dental implants? Call Dr. Alamzad and Dr. Matsui, your Jackson Heights, NY, dentists, at (718) 898-8080 to schedule your appointment.